Set in the north of England, Strange Affairs, Ginger Hairs tells the story of Ginger, an unemployed eighteen-year-old whose life is turned upside down through the mysterious acquisition of a gold ring.

Ginger is determined to break free from the monotony of life on the dole; living with indifferent parents; and the ever elusive achievement of girlfriend. Possession of the ring pushes Ginger into a world of violence and tinpot crime, his only help a middle-class ‘daddy’s girl’ hitching along for a little excitement.

The novel is fresh, quirky, and projected with a unique voice. This is my first novel, which I envisage to be the first in a series, and I am really excited with the results. To accompany the novel, I have also demoed a series of musical pieces, some of which can be sampled below, or visiting the following address: http://soundcloud.com/neil-leigh. I would anticipate making the music available to download, and also integrated within an e-book package.

Contact: neilleigh@live.co.uk